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Brazilian Wax Williamstown

Brazilian Wax Williamstown XXX Wax Williamstown Melbourne

Brazilian Wax Williamstown – Best Brazilian in Melbourne

Brazilian Wax Williamstown: Feel smooth, clean and completely hair free down there! TODAY!!!

A Brazilian Wax in Williamstown is best achieved with

  • delicate warm wax
  • gentle technique
  • highly trained, experienced waxing specialists
  • comfortable hygienic environment

Experience less ingrown hairs and slower regrowth with our award-winning Warm Brazilian Waxing.

Our Brazilian Waxing in Williamstown Specialists is known as the Waxing Fairies. Our team of waxing experts of Female Brazilian Waxing XXX.

Your next Brazilian Wax Williamstown will have you wondering why you didn’t find us sooner.

The highest quality Australian Warm wax is used for your whole Brazilian waxing Williamstown experience.

Female Brazilian Wax Williamstown $55

Brazilian Waxing Williamstown Packages

Available buy 5 get 1 FREE. $275 for 6 treatments works out to $45.80* per treatment. Waxing Packages Must be prepaid in one transaction.

For your convenience, you can BOOK ONLINE NOW if your after a last minute Brazilian Wax in Williamstown Melbourne Call us on 93971984

What to do before your Brazilian Wax Williamstown

  • It always feels good to have a shower before a Brazilian wax, but its not always possible. If you are coming straight from work and are unable to have a shower don’t panic we provide refresh wipes in the waxing room.
  • During a Brazilian it is best if you have No knickers on, however if you would prefer a disposable gstring for modesty please let us know.
  • Keep in Mind- the wax specialists do Brazilian waxing every day so please don’t feel embarrassed. The ladies just see hair and are trained to remove it, they are NOT interested in what you look like down there.
  • We use corn flour to help protect your skin from the wax. We don’t use talc at all, as it has been linked to cancer and we recommend you don’t use talc either.
  • Exfoliation is the key to keeping ingrown hairs at bay. Please ask about our professional riffi mitts which are great to keep in the shower.
  • Moisturiser down-there daily it will help keep your skin soft, hydrated and help prevent ingrown hairs. We recommend Organic body moisturiser and we stock OrganicSpa which is perfect!

Other services we provide other then Brazilian Waxing Williamstown

We provide all female waxing services at our waxing clinic, check out our waxing priceless

Watch this video to see what to expect during a female Brazilian wax