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We pride ourselves on offering an extremely professional and experienced Threadist to perform your facial threading in Williamstown. You will leave looking fabulous and extremely confident with your new eyebrow shape and defuzzed facial complexion.

Threading facial hair removal is an ancient art which has become popular in Western countries.

Facial Threading is a gentle art and a natural way to remove unwanted hair. It’s a very delicate procedure which makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

How does threading work?

Threading hair removal involves twisting a piece of cotton, into a double strand. This double stranded thread is used to pick up a line of hair and then remove it, creating a very clean, precise hairline with a smooth finish. Facial threading removes hair from the root, it is a reasonably long lasting hair removal technique just like waxing and tweezing.

Facial Threading can be performed on all facial areas such as the eyebrows, forehead, upper lip, chin, sides of the face and neck.

Top 8 reasons why Facial Threading is a preferred hair removal technique?

  1. Threading is safe. It will not harm the skin like wax and some depilatory creams can, because the top layer of the skin is not peeled or traumatised, and it does not use potentially harmful chemicals or heat. It is an alternative for people with sensitive skin or those who suffer from acne.
  2. Threading just pulls the hair, unlike waxing which pulls the skin, over time waxing may cause the skin to loosen and develop premature wrinkles.
  3.   Threading is suitable for removing fine as well as coarse, long and very short hair, which definitely gives it an edge over many methods of hair removal.
  4. Threading removes one clean line of hair all at once, making it much quicker and easier to shape your eyebrows.
  5. Threading can be used to eliminate a unibrow, raise the arch of the eyebrow, or add shape and definition to your eyebrows.
  6. Irritation, skin rashes or excessive redness are avoided with facial threading, however your skin may become slightly red afterwards for a short time due to the increased circulation from the hairs being removed.
  7. Threading lifts the hair from the follicle, done on a regular basis (2, 3 or 4 weeks depending on your hair growth), threading weakens the hair follicle so hair growth becomes less dense over time, and new hair will grow finer and sparser.
  8. Re-growth is between 2-4 weeks, depending on hair growth. 

This makes threading the most effective method of hair removal on the face for everyone.

If you are looking for the best results, you need to consider threading. Threading is known as wonderful option for formal events, such as weddings or simply as an addition to your regular beauty regime.

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