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Waxing Williamstown – Your local Waxing Salon in Williamstown Vic

Waxing Williamstown will ensure your next waxing service in Williamstown is done to perfection.

Do you want to feel at ease during your next Brazilian Wax?

Have you had less than amazing waxing experiences that have left you feeling worried and defiantly dreading your next body wax?

You want to relax, your sick of having your eyebrows over waxed, your feet missed a leg wax and getting ingrown hairs on your bikini from poor technique?

Our waxing in Williamstown specialists is second to none. Offering you a confident waxing specialist each time you visit our Waxing Williamstown Salon. Reflections ladies are known for providing an exceptional body waxing service to those in Williamstown, Yarraville, Newport and Melbourne’s inner west.

If you’re looking for complete waxing services – including Brazilian Waxing in Williamstown and precision eyebrow shaping and design give us a call or BOOK ONLINE.

Thanks to our experienced waxing Williamstown specialists, we will leave NO irritating hairs behind because we know you want to be super smooth and hair free after every waxing treatment.

Professional waxing near Yarraville, Newport, Altona, Spotswood and other parts of Melbourne’s west, Reflections inconveniently located in Williamstown – book your appointment today!

The Reflections Difference – Waxing Fairies!

At Reflections, we are well known for providing exceptional waxing and are often referred to as ‘the waxing fairies’ by our guests.

As for waxing fairies, we may get around in a quick and gentle manner but let us reassure you we take our waxing very seriously.

  • Use the highest quality Australian hot/warm and strip waxes.
  • Include complimentary refresher wipes to freshen up before, and post waxing lotions to protect and hydrate your skin.
  • All Waxing Treatments are finished with Aloe Vera because it’s the best – straight from Nature.
  • A light touch-up of Synergie Minerals Australian Made Makeup will help soothe, conceal and provide sun protection after any facial waxing and hair removal, which your waxing fairy will be happy to help with!

Want your best wax ever? It’s a team effort and we have put together a little pre and post hints and tips sheet to ensure you get the very best wax!

We never reuse wax, it’s yucky and unhygienic (yes some Salon DO).

 Waxing  Williamstown Price List

Female Waxing Williamstown

Facial Waxing Williamstown

EyeBrow Design $28

Lip $18

Chin $18

Sides of face $20

Forehead $20

Nostrils $20

Facial Threading also available

Bikini & XXX Waxing Williamstown

Brazilian XXX $55

High bikini XX $45

Standard bikini X $35

Leg Waxing Williamstown

Leg full $50

Leg 3/4 $45

Leg half $40

(Toes & Feet inclusive of leg wax)

Toes & Feet without legs $20

Arms & Underarm Waxing Williamstown

Arms full $40

Arms half $35

(Hands & knuckles inclusive of arms)

Hands & Knuckles $20

Underarms $20

Male Waxing Williamstown

Face Waxing Williamstown

Brow Tidy & Trim $28

Nose $20

Ears $20 

Male Back & Chest Waxing

Back & Shoulders $60

Chest & Stomach $60

Speedo & Manzilian Waxing Williamstown

Speedo line $40

Speedo high $50

Manzillian $99    (Male Brazilian)

Manzillian + Bum cheeks $149


Leg Waxing Williamstown 

Leg full $60

Leg 3/4 $55

Leg half $45

(Toes & Feet inclusive of leg wax)

Toes & Feet without legs $20

Arms & Underarm Waxing Williamstown

Arms full $50

Arms half $45

(Hands & knuckles inclusive of arms)

Hands & Knuckles $20

Underarms $20

From facial waxing to Brazilians, Reflections has you covered!

Whether you require all over body waxing, a Brazilian or facial waxing, our expert team can deliver the hair removal solution you have been looking for. When it comes to waxing in Altona, Yarraville and the surrounding inner west, our Williamstown salon is the preferred choice of many!
Book your appointment today.