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Organic Hair Salon

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Organic Hair Salon Williamstown Melbourne

We all know nature is best and nasty chemicals are best kept off your hair and skin.

At Reflections Hair & Beauty Boutique in Williamstown Melbourne we pride ourselves in being conscious about what we put on our clients hair and skin.

That’s why we work with Aveda and Qaba hair care and colour ranges. They also believe nature is best and in leaving out the nasty toxic stuff.

Visit our Organic Hair Salon- and take a breath of fresh air…

Not all hair salons are created equal, we hate to say it but there are some nasty products out there. Those nasty products and colours release toxic fumes into the air making the air around the basin and hair stations a little smelly.

If your not worried about your own health (and if your not, you should be) think of the heath of your beautiful hairdresser… It surely can’t be good to be breathing those toxins in day in day out.

Our bodies are a precious gift we need to look after and take care of, we do only get one! So why not pamper your hair and skin with ingredients that are a pleasure on your nose. Opt for less toxins in you hair and skincare and visit us today!


  Our Aveda hair colour is 96% naturally derived, coating each strand of hair in sunflower and jojoba oils to maintain the condition of the hair, delivering exceptional shine and long lasting colour. Patented green tea technology helps ensure the most true-to-life tones.


Tint-regrowth $90
Tint short $100
Tint medium $110
Tint long $120

Balayage Package $299 (Includes colour, tone, cut & style)

Note all prices are estimates only, during consultation an accurate quote will be given.


    ¼ head highlights $110
    ½ head highlights $145
    ¾ head highlights $165
    Full head highlights $185
    On scalp from $130

    Tint and highlights $170- prices may vary

Overwash- (toner)

Short $35

Medium $45

Long $55

Note all prices are estimates, during consultation an accurate quote will be given.

organic hair salon Melbourne

  Signature Style

Reflections Hair Boutique experience focusses on beauty, comfort and personalised attention, combining to create a totally memorable and rejuvenating experience. All stylists are experienced and on trend with the latest techniques and styles in the art of cutting hair. After a thorough consultation, enjoy a sensory journey using natural essential oils and a stress-relieving head and shoulder massage before your service.

Women’s cut and styling $99
Men’s cut and styling $30

Signature Blow Wave $66

Style Up Do $100

Bridal Package- hair & makeup $179 (In salon only)

  Signature Hair Treatments

Gloss Ritual from-  $60 (depending on length)

High shine and glossy hair will get heads turning.

Coconut Ritual – $25

Added on to your opening ritual this scalp and hair treatment will help nourish and protect your dry or irritated scalp during the colouring process. Perfect for everyone wanting healthy happy hair and scalp.

Damage Remedy Ritual – $45

Our deep nourishing repairing mask will be massaged into your scalp and ends of your hair, help reduce hair breakage, boost moisture and increase heat protection.

Matt Black Ritual – $45

A three step process to help calm frizz and revitalise hair.