From early 20’s we are stating to age…

So is it all down hill from there?

Is it too late?

Well no… at any age we can help to improve the tell tale signs of ageing; prevention and keeping your skin in optimal health is best however at any age we can help to reduce and therefore help you look younger for longer!

Lets start by understanding the numerous signs of ageing

Common signs that your skin is starting to show signs of ageing 

Dryness – older skin produces less sweat and oil due to a decrease in sweat glands.

Thinning of the skin – this is when the production of the cells in the dermis slows down causing the skin to thin out. Skin looks crêpe and wrinkly.

Lines and Wrinkles – sure sign of ageing is when wrinkles start to form on the skin. As the skin starts to thin the production of collagen and elastin decreases and because of years and years of the same muscle movements such as smiling, frowning, raising brows, lines start to appear when our facial muscles are not in motion.

Sagging Skin – again this is due to the decrease in collagen and elastin synthesis being produced in our skin and we start to sag in areas like jowls, under eyes and around the mouth. Sagging skin proves gravity is taking over!

Broken capillaries also known as dilated capillaries and thread veins – as we age and the skin starts to thin out constant stimulation and possible irritation to these areas around the nose and cheek vesicles begin to become more apparent, over time they will continue to thicken and become wider. Other infuences such as internal heating from foods, climate, medications, hormones, stress, and repeated actions such as blowing the nose can cause capillaries to ‘break’ and become noticable over time.

Pigmentation, Age Spots-we notice these starting to form on the backs of our hands, small areas that protrude on our faces like our forehead, nose, decolatage and driver side of the face. Age spots look like small brown dots and get larger and darker as we get older. Some we call liver spots or sun spots and are caused by the pigment cells in our skin increasing in number that have been stimulated by the sun. This damage is usally done by the time we turn 18 years old and then as we age the skin thins the damage that was in the dermis (lower levels of the skin) then starts to appears on the surface.