Are lines and wrinkles taking over your face?

A line or wrinkle is a fold or crease in the skin, they appear as we age and cannot be avoided. Our skin become thinner and dryer as we age and with this process we are susceptible to lines forming, sometimes from continuous positions that we sleep in, facial expressions or a loss of body mass. As we age our cell turnover slows down and we produce less good quality collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic acid, which build the foundation of youthful line free skin. Genetic makeup also influences when and where we become wrinkly and when those dreaded lines will start to appear.

What causes of lines and wrinkles?

As we get older our skin naturally becomes more fragile. The oil and fat production decreases and our skin dries and thins making it appear more wrinkled, saggy and have more pronounced lines and crevices.

Sun exposure is the primary cause of early wrinkling. Exposure to ultraviolet light breaks down your skin’s collagen and elastin, which lay deep within our skin (the dermis). Without good collagen and elastin skin loses its strength and flexibility and starts to line and sag.

Smoking cigarettes can cause not just deep lines around the mouth but all over out face. Smoking one cigarette stops the blood flow to our skin for 90min. If a smoker smokes 15 smokes a day that will ensure their skin gets no oxygen at all, all day. The decrease is blood flow will inhibit the circulation and break down collagen and elastin in no time causing deep lines and wrinkles. Cigarettes also deplete precious limited stores of Vitamin C with in the skin which is a food source for the fibroblasts which produce collagen and elastin, each cigarette uses 4 hours worth of Vitamin C stores up within the body, so whilst you continue to smoke it is very hard to not accelerate line and wrinkle formation.

Repeated movement of the face when you smile, laugh, frown, squint, take a drag on the dreaded cigarette, drink from a water bottle, the position when you sleep are all pathways to lines and wrinkles.

Genetics can have a lot to do with the structure of your face, if you look at your mother and father and you look more like one than the other you will notice that the lines you form with be similar. So yes we can blame our parents as well.

A bad diet and party lifestyle with lots of coffee, alcohol, processed foods, recreational drugs and lack of sleep will make you age at an accelerated rate causing lines and wrinkles. Coffee, alcohol dehydrate our bodies, recreational drugs cause us to sleep less so we don’t repair the damage from all of the above. Too much protein in your died can also cause wrinkles.

Prevention – is better then a cure (but if your feeling its too late we are here to help!)

Keep your skin well hydrated by drinking lots of water, moisturised and protected from the elements and environmental damage by wearing an SPF daily under your makeup. Drink less coffee and alcohol, eat clean fresh food high in essential fatty acids to keep the skin producing natural oils. Don’t smoke. If you find yourself squinting or frowning get your eyes checked as you may have poor eyesight, wear sunglasses when the sun is glaring and sleep on a soft pillow with a satin pillow case.

Treatments and Solutions to helping with lines and wrinkles

Treatments for lines and wrinkles depend of their severity and also the individual. Firstly good skincare at home is important including serums like Vitamin A , Hyaluronic acid and Stem cells can stimulate collagen and elastin deep in the dermis. Regular facials with stimulating massage gentle exfoliation and nourishing the skin with the Vitamins and Minerals it needs can assist again with collagen synthesis. IPL light laser can not only remove sun damage superficially from the skin but it can reconstruct the loss of collagen, stimulate the collagen damage done from smoking, lack of sleep. For a wow result in no time dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injections are also an option.