Melasma Skin Pigmentation

Melasma is also known as “chloasma”, or “The Pregnancy mask.”

What is Melasma and what does it look like?

Dark brown spots and patches of hyperpigmentation of the skin, where targeted meloncytes in the skin have an overproduction of melanin. Melanin is the colour pigment in our skin, and the dark patches of melasma are excess melanin. Underneath that dark brown melanin patches its usually red and inflammed.
Melasma is identified as symmetrical large brown patches, often on both sides of the face. Most commonly affecting the forehead, cheeks and upper lip areas.

The 3 categories of Melasma Skin Pigmentation

• Epidermal: most common superficial pigmentation
• Dermal: deeper pigmentation
• Mixed: combination of both.

The causes Of Melasma Skin HyperPigmentation:

There are a few causes of Melasma. hyperpigmentation although may present itself after summer (from the sun) or around pregnancy, it is actually caused internally by the liver. Quite often the liver dysfunction will be brought on by oestrogen surges such as during pregnancy or the pill after the age of 30.
Who usually gets Melsama Pigmentation?
Melasma can occur men however it is commonly seen in women taking the pill, over the age of 30 and around pregnancy. The condition is prevalent in native America descendants on their forearms, and on the faces in German/Russian Jewish descendants.

How to treat Melasma Skin Pigmentation

To treat the brown patches of Melasma, a plan covering all elements needs to be made:
• To heal the liver (holistically or medically)
• Pigment lightening and pigment inhibiting products for everyday use.
• Light therapy Treatments such as LED light therapy and IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation
• Complete sun avoidance, and a great SPF sun protection is extremely important.

It’s very important that the skin is protected from sun. Sun exposure will exacerbate the pigmentation and limit treatment results. Once the treatments are completed, complete sun avoidance needs to be maintained, otherwise the melasma will most likely return.

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