Oily skin is quite shiny, thick and can become quite dull and thinkened overtime. There may be large open pores, which can get dirty and prone to blackheads also breakouts and acne if left untreated. Oily skin types have overactive sebaceous glands and produce more oil than is needed on the skin for protection. The oil oozes and gives the skin a greasy shine particularly in the tzone of the face (forehead, nose and chin) usually by the end of the day it is very shiny and can cause makeup not to ‘stick’ properly. The increase in oil usually starts during teenage years and can decrease with age.

What causes oily skin?

There are many factors that cause oily skin. Hereditary is a major one, hormonal changes due to adolescence, pregnancy and menopause, birth control pills, a bad diet high in toxins and saturated fats, thick heavy makeup, over cleaning and scrubbing the skin with harsh products causing dehydration, humidity and hot weather.

Solutions and treatments for oily skin

There are many treatments that can assist with treating oily skin, low percentage lactic and Vitamin A infusions, increasing hydration levels to prevent the excess oil secretion, microdermabrasion to remove surface oils, deep cleansing facials to extract any excess sebum. It’s very important to have these treatments on a regular basis. Your treatment program should be arranged with a skin care professional. The correct prescribed skin care to use at home is also important to keep the longevity of treatment results. Skin should always be washed with a gentle enzyme cleanser to digest the excess oil from the surface. Diet is also crucial, drinking a lot of water and eating fresh unprocessed foods can help.