Is my skin Sensitive?

Sensitive skin is a common skin condition that has a low tolerance to various stimuli, most commonly to applications of anything topically such as creams and moisturisers to the skins surface. If you have a sensitive skin you will usually be quoted saying “I can only use Cetaphil on my skin”

Sensitive skin is commonly a reactive skin condition that produces inflammation, redness and has an impaired barrier.

Skin that is sensitive may also be allergy prone and usally appears if you are prone to eczema, asthma and or rosacea. If your skin is sensitive it will most likely be dehydrated, this is because it doesn’t have a well functioning protective barrier to retain and hold moisture. The dehydration (lack of water) can then contribute to and assasabate your sensitive skin even more. Often a sensitive skin is asscociated with low immunity, caused from lifestyle choices, stress, and a general low well being. It can also be genetic and you may have a predisposition if your Mother or Father suffer from sensitive skin  When the immune system is low it is easily attacked by disease and irritation which can become visible on the skin. When your body is constantly bombarded it takes nutrients and energy from the skin to fight its battles within. Healing and strengthening the body gives the skin a chance to also heal and strengthen.

50% of women and 40% of men experience sensitive at some stage.

Symptoms of sensitive skin can be very frustrating, common complaints of sensitive skin are:

  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Itching Heat/burning Stinging
  • Dry and scaly patches
  • Rash like bumps
  • Hives

There are many causes of sensitive skin, and discovering your unique cause and addressing this at the core and eliminating or reducing the triggers will help you develop a prevention plan.

Low immune system treatments for sensitive skin:


  • Balanced diet and healthy lifestyle
  • Immune strengthening supplements and aids

External Topical skin care products will help strengthen your skins protective barrier by hydrating and healing:

  • Repairing serum with Trioxolane to rebuild the skin’s immune system and heal weakened skin.
  • A gentle Topical Vitamin A such as Retinalydyde: In serum form. Feed and strengthen the dermis, reducing overeactive skin responses. (NO retinol)
  • Topical Vitamins C: In serum form, designed for a sensitive skin to correct cellular function, capillary walls and strengthen your skins natural protective barrier.
  • Protective moisturisers with hylauronic acid and shea butter.
  • Hydrating mask with hylauronic acid and shea butter .

Treatments to help offer relief and improve the look and feel of your skin:

  • LED light therapy treatments: reduce inflammation and correct cellular damage, strengthen and repair damaged tissue.
  • Hydrating and skin strengthening facial treatments
  • IPL for mildly sensitive rosacea

What’s the difference between sensitive and sensitized?

Sensitized means sensitive temporarily. Something external has caused a response in the skin, most likely inflammation or stinging, burning, heat, redness, uncomfortable tightness.

Causes of sensitized skin:

  • Contact or exposure to certain materials or chemicals
  • Low immune system
  • Illness
  • Certain medications
  • Exposure to extreame elements such as wind, sun or snow.


  • Health supplement: to build up the immune system, ingestive Trioxolane (Restore 30ml)
  • Healthy lifestyle, balanced diet.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication for extreme inflammation.
  • Drink lots of water to eliminate the toxins contributing to overactive responses in the body.
  • Anti- histamines in the case of hives or allergic reactions.

Salon Treatments to help with sensitised skin:

  • LED light therapy treatments: reducing inflammation and correcting cellular damage, strengthening and repairing damaged tissue.
  • Hydrating and skin strengthening facial treatments

Skincare Products to help relieve sensitized skin:

  • A healing mist soothes and calms and minimises contact with the face when its irritated.
  • Repairing serum with Trioxolane helps rebuild the impaired barrier reducing irritation and repairs the skin. (Rescue 30ml)
  • Stay away from active ingredients, products and heat whilst skin is sensitised.
  • Gel based or low oil content moisturisers are more cooling. Oil traps any heat creating more inflammation.