Skin Pigmentation

What is skin pigmentation?

Skin Pigmentation- when the skin darkens for any reason it is referred to as skin pigmentation. A darkening on the skin is caused by an over production of melanin (colour) which is produced by melanocytes within the structure of the skins cells.

Skin Pigmentation is very common, is usually harmless but because of cosmetic reasons, it is a nuisance and can be very frustrating for those who have it.

What does skin pigmentation look like?

Light to dark brown and sometimes greyish in colour, spots are generally across the the face. Especially areas that are exposed to the sun such as the nose and forehead, hands and décolletage because of the damaging UV rays caused by the sun.

Skin pigmentation also known as Old age spots, brown spots, liver-spots and freckles are hard to cover with makeup, become dark in summer and with time spot size and numbers do increase.

Different types and causes of skin pigmentation.

Skin Pigmentation types and causes are best diagnosed by a skin specialist.

The Main Types & Causes of Skin Pigmentation

  • UV Sun Exposure- 

    Most commonly pigmentation is caused by an over exposure to the sun rays. Most damage usually occurs by the age of 18 from unprotected sun baking.  Remember the days of lathering up with cooking oil and laying under the burning rays? Freckles and Age spots fall into this category.

  • Medications 

    Medications that affect the immune system such as antibiotics and seizure drugs.

  • Trauma 

    Trauma to the skin such as picking during adolescent years (and beyond),  inflammation from Acne, and surgery.

  • Hormones and the birth control pill

    The pill has an internal affect on the body which typically reduces certain hormones and stimulates others.  Whilst taking the pill pigmentation can increase, the length of time and the type of pill can affect pigment. If you are suffering from pigmentation caused by the pill we advise to chat to your GP  for advise as there may be an alternate pill or contraceptive.

  • Melasma

    Melasma predominately shows up on a females skin. It is said to be related to hormones and also may stem from the liver. The hardest of the skin pigmentation family to treat and fade. Birth control pills and hormone replacement medicine can also trigger melasma. People with darker skin are more likely to be affected.

  • Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a well-know cause for skin pigmentation. The pregnancy mask displays typically in patches of darkness around the eyes,  forehead and around the mouth which tend to form a butterfly pattern. It usually subsides after the birth of the baby, however some stubborn shadowing and dark spots can remain. When melasma appears in pregnant women, it is called chloasma, or the mask of pregnancy. 

Solutions and Treatments for Skin pigmentation

Treatments for hyper pigmentation vary to what the cause, depth and length of time the skin pigmentation has been present on the affected skin. Usually the earlier you begin treatment the faster and better the results and a plan can be put into place to help maintain the success of your new even skin colour.

We are Experts in Skin Pigmentation

It is important to have a detailed consultation and skin prescription by a skin specialist to determine the cause, type and solutions that are best suited to your circumstances, with a focus and experience in this area we will ensure you get the best results.

Solutions for treating Skin Pigmentation

We see the best results when a combination of the below skin treatments, active ingredients are applied topically and our unique System is followed.

Treatments for Skin Pigmentation

  • IPL Skin Rejuvenation: the light accelerates the pigmentation by heat not affecting the surrounding tissue. The pigment becomes a crust and falls off over a 10 day period.
  • Microdermabrasiongentle exfoliation treatment that removes the upper dead layer of pigmented skin. The Skin Pigmentation can reduce after just one treatment. More treatments and a combination of other skin treatments and home care will help deliver the best results.
  • LED Light Therapy: a gentle dose of LED helps stimulate your skin to heal and repair itself.
  • Non Chemical Peel: infuses skin with a unique cocktail of active ingredients (Vitamins and Minerals) to feed and nourish your skin.

Skin Care Products to treat Skin Pigmentation

  • Tyrosine Inhibitor active skin care product (sold in salon and online)
  • Cell acceleration active skin care serum (sold in salon and online)
  •  Vitamin C active skin care serum (sold in salon and online)
  • Sun Block not all sunbocks are made equal, we recommend sincere products that contain a high amount of Zinc.