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Natural Sun-Kissed Spray Tan at our Williamstown Clinic

Don’t die for a tan… get a tan from us instead. Visit Reflections – get your best tan TODAY!

Looking for a tanning salon in Melbourne’s inner west? Look no further than our quality spray tan salon.

Want to look sun kissed without the UV damage?

Reflections – the best professional spray tan in Melbourne’s western suburbs – offers the most sought-after tanning service on the market: St. Tropez spray tan!

Be safe and avoid those nasty UV rays from the sun, look instantly gorgeous and feel sun kissed all week long.

Two in three adult Australians get skin cancer in their lifetime; avoid the same fate by getting the best tan.

Full Body St Tropez Tan Prices

$55 per spray tan session or Buy 5 get 1 free $275

Choose Your Tan:

Classic 8 hours – beautiful colour, wake up looking like you have been on a beautiful Summer holiday.

Dark 8 hours – For regular junkie tanners or more olive skin.

Express – 1-3 hours depending on the darkness your require when you’re in a Rush choose Express.

Our Express tan leaves you in complete control of how dark you want to be, by choosing when you shower. The tan has fast acting ingredients that absorb into the skin as well as having intelligent shade technology to choose your depth of colour.

ADD ON: The perfect before a Spray Tan in Williamstown full body Exfoliation treatment- Get the best from your Spray Tan!

Warm Coconut Exfoliation Ritual $89 (nourish dry skin and remove all dead skin cells, perfect before your next spray tan or to remove an old tan)

We choose St Tropez Spray Tan and have done so for the last 10 years. Why St Tropez?

  • We love it for its beautiful Natural and Deep colours, it is Green based so it won’t leave you looking Orange.
  • Our clients are always happy, A St Tropez Tan is in high demand.
  • New clients ask us for it.
  • We trust the brand and formula, no surprises, ALWAYS a beautiful Tan
  • You will look fabulous as soon as it’s done, even whilst it’s processing!
spray tan Williamstown spray tanning salon

If you want the best spray tans in Williamstown Melbourne, you can count on Reflections. We love to educate our guests on how to get the best out of their tan, and we get lots of guests asking us questions like:

“How do I keep my tan longer?”

“What should I do to get the most out of my spray tan?”

“Which are the best spray-on tans on the market?”

So, we have put together a list of how to get the very best.

These tips and tricks can help you get flawless coverage and long-lasting colour from every tanning session with the best tan on the market. It’s little wonder we’re Williamstown’s favourite tanning service!

Top 10 best spray tan salon tips

  1. Exfoliate the day before your tan. This will remove any built up dead skin leaving behind a perfect base to apply your tan. Feeling lazy? Book in for a Warm Oil Body Mitt Exfoliation straight before your tan and we will do the work of exfoliating and nourishing your body for a perfect tan for you!
  2. Moisturise the day before or no less than 3 hours before your tan. Concentrating on your elbows, knees, ankles, hands, and wrists to avoid tan from catching and building up. This will allow your tan to have an even finish.
  3. Avoid waxing and shaving before your tan, ensuring it is done 24 hours before for best results. Anything less may make you react to your tan due to your pores being open. Shaving can be done after your tan has developed, but please note you may remove some colour.
  4. Avoid having any topical barriers on your skin including, deodorant, moisturiser, lotions, perfumes and makeup.
  5. Always come to your appointment in dark loose-fitting clothing, this will prevent your clothes from staining and tan from marking. Dark coloured Thongs are best for your feet.

  1. Keep yourself cool and dry, ensuring you wear loose dark clothing whilst your tan is drying!
  2. Avoid using any soap or products during your first shower; this is crucial to a great tan! Just rinse the excess tan off and gently pat dry your skin with your towel. Using soap in your crucial areas of course!
  3. When using the 3 hour tan it will look like it has all washed off- though don’t worry! The tan will continue to develop over the next 12 hours. Ensure you apply good quality body moisturiser, for example, Organic Spa Body Butter or Pure Tan Moisturiser as recommended for your skin type by your tan professional.
  4. When using the Classic or Dark 8 hour tan, it will take 6 – 8 hours to process. You are able to sleep in this tan and wash it off in the morning remembering to apply your body moisturiser. (Note: wear dark, lose PJ’s or nightie)
  5. To ensure your tan remains fresh and brown; continue to apply your body moisturiser morning and night so it fades evenly. AVOID AHA and exfoliating enzymes in moisturiser as these WILL strip your tan.
  6. Using a sulphate free body wash to prevent your tan from stripping in the shower: for example, Organic Spa Body Wash that is gentle and refreshing!
  7. Swimming in chlorine will dramatically fade your tan. Ensure you’re using s tan extender to keep it looking great!
  8. Your tan may last between 7-10 days, to remove the tan after this time period we recommend exfoliating with a riffi mitt – or come in and treat yourself to a hot oil body exfoliation, this will nourish and remove your old tan!

Tan junkies take note

Layering spray tans can result in a yukky mess, not the right colour and/or streaks from built up tan. Even the best tans can be easily removed with a good exfoliation and tan remover mitt if they’re fading or need to be removed for other reasons.


If you follow these tanning tips your St Tropez spray tan will look flawless no matter if it’s a one-off tan, or you’re totally obsessed with looking amazing all year long with a lovely summer-kissed glow.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all ou tans.

If you are concerned about your tan in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to ensure you look and feel your best.

flaunt your tan & enjoy, Because we all feel better brown!

If you are searching for a tan salon, waxing expert or day spa clinic, give us a call or book online NOW.