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Natural Sun-Kissed Spray Tan at our Williamstown Clinic

Spray Tan Williamstown. Don’t die for a tan… get a spray tan in Williamstown from us instead. Visit Reflections – get your best spray tan TODAY!

Looking for a spray tanning salon in Melbourne’s inner west? Look no further than our quality spray tan salon.

Want to look sun kissed without the UV damage?

Reflections – the best professional spray tan in Melbourne’s western suburbs – offers the most sought-after spray tanning service on the market: St. Tropez spray tan!

You will look your very best without any orange undertones as St Tropez spray tan uses a green base which means no orange tones.

Be safe and avoid those nasty UV rays from the sun, look instantly gorgeous and feel sun kissed all week long.

Two in three adult Australians get skin cancer in their lifetime; avoid the same fate by getting the best spray tan Williamstown.

Full Body St Tropez Spray Tan Prices

$55 per spray tan session or Buy 5 get 1 free $275

Spray Tan Williamstown – Spray Tanning Salon Williamstown

Original St Tropez Spray Tan Williamstown: allow 8 hours for spray tan to process, best to sleep in.

Express St Tropez Spray Tan Williamstown: 1-3 hours to process spray tan depending of depth required

1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium colour tan, 3 + hours for a darker tan.

Dark St Tropez Spray Tan Williamstown: please allow 8 hours to process, best to sleep in overnight.

ADD ON: The perfect before a Spray Tan in Williamstown full body Exfoliation treatment- Get the best from your Spray Tan!

Warm Coconut Exfoliation Ritual $89 (nourish dry skin and remove all dead skin cells, perfect before your next spray tan or to remove an old tan)

spray tan Williamstown spray tanning salon

If you want the best spray tans in Williamstown Melbourne, you can count on Reflections. We love to educate our guests on how to get the best out of their spray tan, and we get lots of guests asking us questions like:

“How do I keep my spray tan longer?”

“What should I do to get the most out of my spray tan?”

“Which are the best spray-on tans on the market?”

So, we have put together a list of how to get the very best.

These tips and tricks can help you get flawless coverage and long-lasting colour from every spray tanning session with the best spray tan on the market: St Tropez Professional Spray Tan. It’s little wonder we’re Williamstown’s favourite spray tanning service!

Top 10 best spray tan salon tips

1. Test run your Spray Tan

Let us help you decide what colour and intensity will match your skin tone. We recommend all first time clients to our Williamstown spray tan salon do a spray tan test run.

A test run should be done as early as possible at least a 3 weeks before a special occasion such as a wedding. Our brides to be usually get a spray tan a few months before the event.

2. Exfoliate before your spray tan

A good deep exfoliation scrub all over your body with a professional mitt: pay special attention to your feet, hands, elbows, ankles, knees and underarms.  A mitt and a gentle body wash will remove dead skin cells and polish your skin to perfection.

We love using salt scrubs and professional riffi mitts and sell them in the salon for your convenience.

Book in for a hot oil body mitt experience if you would prefer us to do your body exfoliation for you! (It can be hard to reach your back yourself!!!)

3. Apply a light moisturiser to your elbows, feet, hands and ankles to promote even coverage

You can also use moisturiser to protect your eyebrows and hairline.

4. Wipe your finger and toe nails straight after your spray tan Williamstown

Unless you want little brown spots all over your nails after a spray tan, but we don’t think it’s a good look especially on your freshly painted nails!

An alcohol swab is perfect. We will supply you with this; when you’re tanning at our Williamstown salon.

5. Wait until your skin is completely dry before getting dressed

Don’t rush out the door; we have allowed enough time for you to get dry and dressed so don’t stress.

Getting dressed too early or wearing tight fitting clothes can rub some of your colour off and cause visible patches. We recommend dark, loose fitted clothes and thongs, (think dark colour flowing dress, loose pants, skirt and top, no bra if you dare!)

6. Avoid water and excessive sweating for 24 hours

Your St Tropez professional spray tan is the most vulnerable in the first few hours after application. Please leave it on for the time recommended by your spray tan specialist in Williamstown.

Exposure to water can easily wash it off before it has a chance to develop. Sweat is no exception and your tan will just end up on your gym towel.

Please keep hydrated – Drink 2+ litres per day!

7. Cream Up! Moisturise liberally after every shower, bath and swimming to keep your spray tan for as long as possible.

Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated is one of the best spray tan tips you can follow to maintain a gorgeous, longer-lasting glow and protect your tan from fading.

You would be crazy not to lube up with a yummy natural body moisturiser.

No AHAs or chemical exfoliate ingredients – check ingredients or bring your moisturiser you plan to use in for us to check the ingredient list for you. We would hate for your tan to get eaten up as you’re slathering moisturiser over your body.

8. Don’t wax

Don’t wax until you are ready for your next spray tan or the day before your tan for silky smooth skin.

9. Keep your tan vibrant with gradual tanners

Because fading is inevitable, it helps to add a gradual tan lotion into your daily beauty routine. Gradual tanners, use gentle tanning agents to create subtle and natural colour which means you keep your tan for a lot longer.

10. Remove your old spray tan before getting a new one.

Tan junkies take note

Layering spray tans can result in a yukky mess, not the right colour and/or streaks from built up tan. Even the best spray tans can be easily removed with a good exfoliation and tan remover mitt if they’re fading or need to be removed for other reasons.

If you follow these tanning tips your St Tropez spray tan will look flawless no matter if it’s a one-off spray tan, or you’re totally obsessed with looking amazing all year long with a lovely summer-kissed glow.

If you are searching for a spray tan salon, waxing expert or day spa clinic, give us a call or book online NOW.